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Our Services

Property Cleanup Firewood Service
firewood service, we cut firewood as a service. if you have fallen trees we cut them into firewood for you

If you have fallen trees on your property that need cleaning up and processing to firewood. This service is for you!

Use our service and you could; save on firewood, get a tidier property increasing it's value, get better emergency vehicle access and get a lower fuel load offering a lower fire risk.

What's not to love about a beautiful tidy bush property with a massive firewood nest egg! - All without lifting a finger.

How it works:

  1. Point at fallen trees

  2. We cut and split the trees into a pile of firewood

  3. We 3D scan the pile to find the volume (in cubic meters) and charge based on that.

Mobile Log Splitting Service

Had the tree loppers in? Done some sawing? The wood's cut but not split?

No worries, we'll take care of it. 

With our SuperAxe WS3150 with that has a hydraulic lifting arm and 21 tons of splitting force, our crew becomes unstoppable!

How it works:

  1. Point at the pile of logs that need splitting

  2. We come and split it

  3. We 3D scan the pile to find the volume (in cubic meters) and charge based on that.


Save yourself a bit on firewood by tidying up the logs you already have using our service!

Moving & Stacking Service
We move and stack firewood. If you have firewood delivered, we can stack it, if you have us cut firewood for you, we stack

Don't want to spend countless hours moving and stacking your firewood?


Why not let us do it instead?

With our team of wheelbarrow warriors, we can convert a pile to a stack in the blink of an eye! (We once stacked 18 cubic meters in 2 hours! Imagine how long that would take you on your own?)

Call Jamie now on 0474704615 for a free quote.


Our Team

Ranges Wood Cutting are a local, friendly, hardworking team who pride themselves on their efficiency, precision and attention to detail in everything that they do. As a team, we strive to set the highest standard of quality in all our work, making sure our clients are satisfied with our service every step of the way.

firewood cutting and splitting. This is our team operating a firewood processing yard, sharing tools with the client
cleaning up a property after the arborists had come.
delivered firewood stacking service. This is a photo of our team after stacking a massive amount of firewood very fast.
These are just some of our excellent reviews in the macedon ranges People are very satisfied with our service as can be seen.

Contact Us

Call Jamie now for a free quote on:

0474 704 615

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